Thursday, July 26, 2007

8 Random Facts Meme Tagged by Jen Dunlap

O.K. looks like it's time to turn on the blogspot -
for you Jen!

8 Random Facts Meme Tagged by Jen Dunlap

1) I still love the if-a-tree-falls-in-the-forest adolescent quandries.

2) When I think about how much I want to fly off the page I feel like a pig in a blanket

3) Greatest childhood fantasies include being the Little Prince's rose, hovering off a tall building with an umbrella, going into an ant pile, being able to make my own record on the 'story time record player', living under the weaping willow, throwing my batton and watching it spin, skating backward, unlimited slides on each wheel of the view finder toy, being able to 'drive' my tryc...

4) Gertrude Stein Koolishes off the folds of my matter

5) The ukulele is a visual history like vo-do-de-o and sounds good from anyone close enough to let it go on

6) I try to ask the big questions, too, like - mustache or speech bubble?

7) My twin has strange luck, last year she was on an airplane when the engine blew up - she said everyone was still acting relatively well trained except that some people acted like they do in the movies

8) Humor is really fascinating. It seems like ignorance and conflict are the funniest things. Those things can exist in any context and on any side of anything and that's what's so funny. Frames are interesting to think about. What is a frame? and where and why. That could be lumped in with the adolescent quandries.

9) Vito Acconci, mmmmm

10) Expatriates high-light balloon loving collective school of all you people who I'm into.

I tag Mr. Kilroy and Ms. Holly Jean Buck